Would You Ditch Your Phone for $1,000?

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(KLUV) - This dream job can be yours, as long as you’re willing to part with your phone that is.

The Internet provider SatelliteInternet.com is offering someone $1,000 to take part in their “Digital Detox Challenge,” which honestly, sounds pretty amazing.

For three days, you’re expected to spend a weekend at an Airbnb at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, with the only “catch” being that you have to "give up using any tech devices for two of the three days." And, as previously mentioned, they'll shell out $1,000 for you on top of the trip.

According to the contest page, the package totals in at a $2,300 value.

The company says, “In true millennial style, you can pull out your tech on the last day to document and share your experience.”

The person selected to participate in the challenge will be chosen August 26th based on the application pool from the firm's website. They'll be put up in a "cozy, retro Airbnb" with amenities including air conditioning, a hot tub, a pool, and running water.

You'll also have hammocks available to you for stargazing and a grill for cooking out. But don't get ahead of yourself with the party planning - you won't even be able to use music listening devices for those tech-free days.