Man shocks internet with how girlfriend puts away groceries

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While you may think you know a lot about the person you’re dating, once you start living with them you find out all sorts of new stuff, and one guy is a bit baffled over what he discovered about his S.O. when it comes to groceries.

People on social media couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing, with the post quickly receiving more than 2,500 comments from people who were simply horrified, The Mirror reports.

“There's no other way, you have to throw the whole girlfriend away," one person wrote, while another added, "Absolutely. This is a deal breaker."

Meanwhile another commented, "How can a single picture make me so angry?,” while another read, "Laziness has reached a whole new level."

One person even chimed in, “How do you break up with someone else's girlfriend?"

But not everyone was completely against this gal’s method.

"It never would have occurred to me to do this,” one person shared, “and now I'm scared that I've seen it because I can see myself doing this now that I've been corrupted with this knowledge."

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