SXSW 2018: lovelytheband Take You Shopping for the Perfect Band Tee

By: Nik Rivers

There are many amazing things to take in at Austin’s SXSW music festival, from the food and of course the music to some things that make Austin uniquely weird. One of those things is a shop on the corner of 6th & Neches Streets called Aaron’s Rock and Roll.

Aaron’s has the most incredible selection of vintage to current day music and band tee shirts to go alongside those from movies, TV, and pop culture. Plus, we won’t even go into the collections of stickers, buttons, pins and knickknacks that would surely melt your mind.

We ran into our good friends lovelytheband and took them in to experience the wonder that is Aaron’s Rock & Roll for themselves.

The Los Angeles-based group made up of frontman Mitchey Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price stepped through the door and instantly became the kids in the candy store.  Browsing through the Gremlins dolls, sunglasses, and lunchboxes proved a bit overwhelming at first, but then their eyes shifted skyward, and they were sucked in to the shop’s incredible tee shirt collection.

It took some time, but the guys eventually settled on some pretty sweet shirts.

Jordan picked out a stellar Billy Idol Whiplash Smile 1987 tour shirt, due to his love of 80’s music, and he “needed to add some sick ‘80s flare” to his wardrobe. 

Mitchey decided on a solid Minor Threat tee that “reminded” him “of his youth.” Mitchey added, “I grew up listening to these guys and spent many days at the skate park with Minor Threat in my headphones. This really brings me back.” 

Sam, the self-proclaimed Sci-Fi nerd of the bunch, picked out a vintage ‘70s-looking Star Wars tee. Sam said, “I picked this one out because I love all things Star Wars, and I’m a Star Wars nerd. A great find.”

So when in Austin, be sure to try the tacos, find a great margarita, see and hear all the music, and stop in to Aaron’s Rock And Roll and add some flare to your tee shirt collection.