Madison Beer Talks New Album, 'Life Support' and Single, 'Baby'

Plus, how the singer has overcome her share of mental health challenges
By 96.5 TDY

Madison Beer virtually sat down with RADIO.COM and 96.5 TDY's Bennett to chat about Madison's debut album, Life Support, her single, "Baby" and dove into the important topic of mental health.

Bennett opened up by commending Mads for her “transparency” with her fans and “being so open” after she tweeted about an important milestone, having reached one full year of no self-harm.

Madison admitted that it wasn’t easy sharing the news with her fans, but as she values her relationship with them, and considers her and her fans to be close not sharing that part of herself felt as though she was hiding something that she was proud of. Going through it was something she wanted to do alone, but when she saw the date pop up on her calendar, she knew it was the right time to share, and maybe help someone out there, “not feel as alone.” Expressing that she wanted people to know, that she went through it too. Madison’s confession opened up the conversation to the topic of mental health, which she is very open to and actually frequently discusses with her fans on social media.

Beer’s non-opposition to sharing flows into her song writing as well, especially when working on her soon to be released debut album Life Support. Madison revealed, “the reason I named it 'Life Support' is because it really truly came that.” After being in dark place, she was able to come out on the other side because she had an album to finish, and working on it was not only form a therapy, but in her words, “it really saved me and really kept me going.”

While Life Support does not have a definite release date, the first peak into the mind of Madison came with it's first single release, “Baby.” Madison expressed that for her the song was “kind of turning point, where I was like… I’m deciding to get my s*** together.” She further defined it as a “pinnacle moment” of realizing where she was at the moment, and knowing that by the time the song came out she wouldn’t be in that place. In a way she was writing the song to, and for, her future self.

Additionally, Madison talked us through a deeper meaning behind some of the song’s lyrics and revealed some behind the scenes scoops of her performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

For all that and more, watch the entire interview above or listen below.

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