NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus: College Football Will Be a 'Week-to-Week Deal'


While college football is trying to have a season, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus has kept himself very busy. 

Rosenhaus was able to sign two top players who have opted out. They are projected first-round picks in Caleb Farley and Miami’s Greg Rousseau. And even though his new clients have opted out, Rosenhaus believes college football will attempt to play in 2020.  

“I do, I can’t guarantee it will last for an entire season, they don’t have the resources the NFL has," Rosenhaus said when asked if he sees college football being able to have a season. "I think it’s going to be a week-to-week deal, but my instinct tells me they are going to give it a go.”

Rosenhaus was critical of college football, however, saying "It's been disorganized." He did credit the University of Miami for the job that they have done managing the crisis.  

He was more bullish on the way the NFL has been handling things overall. 

“Our clients throughout the league are optimistic about this season happening," Rosenhaus said.

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