Fran Drescher Says We Need to Have More Conversations About Living A Toxic-Free Life

The TV star's Cancer Schmancer organization is helping out with the 'Corona Care 4 You' Initiative

Fran Drescher says, "I feel like I got famous, I got cancer and I lived to talk about it," in her most recent interview with AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon on RADIO.COM's "The Morning Beat." 

The iconic TV star is currently working to educate people on how to live a clean and toxic-free lifestyle through her organization, Cancer Schmancer.

After surviving uterine cancer, the actress started using her platform to spread the word about living a healthier lifestyle, and while we are living in times of a pandemic, the Cancer Schmancer Movement is also providing people with tips on how to avoid COVID-19, with new series, Corona Care 4 You

Drescher says, "We are living in a society where we are very driven by the profit of 'sick care' not health care." The actress feels it's high time we shed a light on the fact that we don't always need chemicals to heal or be healthy.

She says it's as simple as understanding that lemon and vinegar clean just as well as harsh cleaning products marketed to us. Drescher also says we've been taught to rely heavily on big pharma, but relying on these companies is a hindrance to us.

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