WATCH: Halsey Understands The Body Image Struggle, Tries To Keep Things Realistic For Her Fans

By Audacy

Halsey recently released her latest music video, "Nightmare," and the song's high-velocity visual touches on some of the deep-seated issues that she sings about in the track.

"I've pinched my skin in between my two fingers, And wished I could cut some parts off with some scissors." 

Those are some strong words above from the 24-year-old singer -- words that certainly resonate with a good portion of the population. Halsey says those lyrics were the one part of the song where she questioned whether or not she had gone too far. "At first I was like, 'shoot, maybe this is too graphic'," Halsey tells NEW 102.7's Karen Carson during her visit last week to the RADIO.COM Theatre in NYC. 

"Then I started playing it for other women, and they were like, 'I know that EXACT feeling!'"

The song's visual highlights weight anxiety with Halsey displaying outlines of cut marks on her body throughout the clip, something that even Karen says is something she has imagined doing herself.

Halsey says the idea was to show "that moment where you're so distraught and so defeated that if there was a way to just cut it off, you would. You're willing to hurt yourself you want it gone so badly."

"I think, for me, a huge part of my newfound responsibility as a role model I feel very adamant about keeping things realistic. My body is always changing, that's part of being a woman. I've been really open about my struggles with reproductive health as well which kind of causes my weight to fluctuate.

So, sometimes I'm on stage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and I'm teeny-tiny and I've been working out and eating well. Then there's times where, you know --- I was a little bigger than I'm used to being at the Met Gala red carpet but I didn't beat myself up for it. I wasn't going to diet or starve myself.

"Maybe it's easy for me to say, because for all intents and purposes I have a pretty conventional body type, and in my line of work I think it's unfortunate that I have to feel priveleged to have that. But a lot of that ("Nightmare") music video is close up on my face and I'm full of big pores and dermatitis and broken capillaries and all that. Most people would be like, 'well gosh, don't you want to edit that out?' I'm like, 'no, why would I want to edit that out, that's what my skin looks like!"

There you have it -- Halsey knows the struggle just like the rest of us!

Also, who knew Halsey had time to binge-watch Netflix!?