Feinstein: There's a sense among PGA Tour players that Bryson DeChambeau is phony


There's no love lost between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

On Monday night, an unaired video clip from a post-round interview between Koepka and the Golf Channel leaked online, showing Koepka looking to his right, rolling his eyes at a nearby DeChambeau, and cursing under his breath during this past weekend's PGA Championship at Kiawah Island.

The rivalry between Koepka and DeChambeau dates back a few years. In August 2019, Koepka complained about DeChambeau's slow pace of play, and in January 2020, DeChambeau mocked Koepka's physique and photos from an ESPN Body Issue magazine.

Koepka's opinion of DeChambeau is now abundantly clear. But how do other PGA Tour members feel about the 2020 U.S. Open winner?

"I think there's a sense among players in the locker room that he's phony. And you see that side of him," longtime author John Feinstein told The DA Show on Tuesday. "I get along fine with him. He's never been anything but nice to me. But players don't care about that. But you see that side. When he wins the U.S. Open -- and he played great, and I admire the fact that he decided to change his body type, which is a gamble, he was ranked No. 8 at the time -- [Golf Channel reporter] Steve Sands asks him a very legitimate question about changing his body and how difficult it was to make that decision. And he literally ignores the question and starts listing his sponsors. 'I want to thank blah, and blah, and blah.'

"And players look at that and go, 'What is that about?' I mean, they're all into their corporate sponsors, don't get me wrong. But DeChambeau takes it to another level. There's also the pace of play issues. Playing with Bryson is like being in a dentist chair, because he pulls out his greens book when he's got a one-foot tap-in. Seriously, I mean, it's ridiculous... That's what it is. The guy who goes on television and smiles for the cameras and talks about his corporate sponsors is different than the guy they see on the range or in the locker room."

Koepka finished the PGA Championship with a 2-over 74 on Sunday, two shots behind Phil Mickelson, who became the oldest major winner (age 50) in PGA Tour history. As for DeChambeau, his final round was far from memorable, as he shot a 77 and finished at 3-over, seven shots behind Koepka and nine behind Mickelson.

The entire conversation between Feinstein and DA can be accessed in the audio and video players above.

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