Mark Mulder's golf game strong thanks to vodka-cranberry cocktails, says Kevin Millar


Back in 2017, former major league pitcher Mark Mulder became the first player to three-peat at the ACC celebrity golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe.

So, what's the secret to Mulder's success in the event? A breakfast cocktail, according to MLB Network host Kevin Millar.

"Mulder says he has a vodka-cranberry in the morning, 7 a.m. with his breakfast," Millar told The DA Show on Friday. "Because we have a little tent right there, you eat your eggs and you talk a little smack. And then he takes one of those drinks to the driving range. So, he says he needs two cocktails, it lowers the edge. It lowers the edge. So, I followed him one year. And I'm not a huge drinker -- it comes off like that. But I'm like that fake drinker guy. So, I'm a two cocktail guy.

"Anyway, I followed him -- just like what he does. And sure enough, that first tee box, they go up and down, announce, 'Kevin Millar,' and my palms are sweating worse. So, I think I'm a coffee guy."

The 32nd annual ACC golf tournament, which has raised over $5.5 million for national and regional charities, will take place at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course from July 6-11. All three rounds of the event (July 9-11) will be televised live on NBC and NBCSN, with additional coverage from Golf Channel.

The entire conversation between Millar and DA can be accessed in the video and audio players above.

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