Jake Paul on boxing resume, goals: 'They all underestimate me and end up unconscious'


Jake Paul has laced up boxing gloves five times in his young career and won each bout. But when the 25-year-old social-media star enters the ring for his sixth fight -- slated for early August at Madison Square Garden -- the son of a former heavyweight champion will be in the opposite corner, waiting to strike. Paul will be tasked with proving that he isn't boxing's latest pretender on Aug. 6, as Hasim Rahman Jr. is his first opponent with professional experience.

Paul and Rahman squared off and beefed during Tuesday's introductory press conference in New York, and with microphones in hand, trash talk heightened when Rahman questioned Paul's skills and resume. Since turning pro in 2020, Paul has battled two former UFC stars, former NBA guard Nate Robinson, and a fellow social-media influencer. As for Rahman (12-1, 6 KOs), the 31-year-old is coming off a fifth-round TKO defeat to James McKenzie Morrison in April.

"[The leadup] has been crazy and it's been annoying to deal with. I'm learning these pro boxers don't actually want to box," Paul told the Maggie and Perloff show on Wednesday. "They need their hand held, and they need to be wined and dined to get into the ring. Because they're scared of this right hand. Fear him... I'm always ready. I'm always training, always focused, always prepared. So, no matter who it is, we're going to be ready. I just want to fight.

"I have the opportunity here to sell-out Madison Square Garden and put on a show for the fans. That's what I care about most, getting knockouts and that highlight reel, and making it better... They all underestimate me and then they end up unconscious. Somebody's got to wake up, and realize how good of a fighter I am. Otherwise it's going to keep on happening... It's really motivating for me to know legends have fought in this arena, and I get to do the same."

The entire boxing conversation between Paul and Maggie and Perloff can be accessed in the audio player above.

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