Rivera on Aaron Judge: 'I'd do everything within my power' to stay with Yankees


The New York Yankees have been rolling this season, but with Aaron Judge's uncertain future in pinstripes and Juan Soto's somewhat surprising availability in the trade market, many fans are wondering whether the Bronx Bombers will commit to Judge long-term, or pursue a blockbuster trade for the Washington Nationals' superstar outfielder.

As the second half of the 2022 campaign gets underway and baseball's trade deadline approaches, Yankees legendary closer Mariano Rivera weighed in on what the franchise should do, in regard to the dynamic sluggers.

"[Soto's] improved and proven that he's a great player. But at the same time, the name of the game, especially when it comes to the playoffs, is pitching," Rivera explained to the Maggie and Perloff show on Tuesday. "You can never have enough pitching. And if I were the Yankees, I'd go for a good starter that I know for sure could help me all the way to the World Series. If we can have both Juan Soto and a good starter, that'd be even better. But if I had to put my money on someone, it'd have to be on a good starter.

"If I'm Aaron Judge, I think he looks good in a Yankee uniform... Having seen him develop into the player that he is, I'm so proud of him. Knowing the type of player he is and how he respects the game. And that's why I always admire players when they respect the game, and don't consider themselves better than the game. Because nobody's better than the game. That's a decision he has to make. If I'm him, I'd do everything within my power to stay a Yankee."

The entire Yankees conversation between Rivera and Maggie and Perloff can be accessed in the audio player above.

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