Ian Eagle: “James Harden is Playing with Joy”

Eagle: “James Harden is Playing with Joy”

The critics were plentiful when the Brooklyn Nets traded for James Harden. How would Harden mesh with Kyrie Irving? How would the Nets Big 3 be able to succeed with limited practice time? The Nets recently off their longest win streak in 17 years now can thank James Harden for a lot of that success. Harden was named February’s player of the month in the Eastern Conference.

So what has changed in the demeanor of James Harden that we saw to start the season in Houston? The voice of the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network, Ian Eagle, joined The DA Show on Wednesday morning to discuss:

“I’m surprised at how seamless it came together, but all of it goes back to one thing and it is James Harden and his attitude. He came in with a positive mentality. He recognized that the window of opportunity is now.” Eagle said.

Eagle added “The only thing that is going to start to separate players is the championship conversation. Kyrie Irving has won a championship, Kevin Durant has won multiple championships, James Harden can’t say that. In this current setup James Harden completely recognized that this is his opportunity, this is his chance. He opened up his arms to what the team needed him to be.”

James Harden has been reserved as far as his personality goes. What kind of emotions has James Harden felt since arriving in Brooklyn? Ian Eagle believes there is now joy in his face.

“What I’ve noticed just from him is a positivity. ‘The Beard’ is there for more reasons than one. Not just for facial hair but maybe to mask some of his emotions…, but you can read his eyes and his smile has been beaming during his time in Brooklyn. I think happiness and joy more than anything else, he is just enjoying the heck out of this experience.” Eagle said.

His time in Houston will one day be remembered fondly, even if the ending was rough. His legacy though may be cemented in Brooklyn if his happiness and joy ends in a championship parade.

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