Termine: JJ Reddick's criticism of Bob Cousy, NBA's older eras 'disgusting'


ESPN analyst JJ Reddick, who recently retired after playing 15 seasons in the NBA, offended the league's oldest generation of legends last month when he contended that Boston Celtics great Bob Cousy competed against "plumbers and firemen" in the 1950s. Cousy, who's 93, rejected the comments during an interview on Thursday, defending his era and criticizing Reddick's credentials.

Cousy didn't bother to mention his career achievements, because his resume speaks for itself. From 1950 to 1970, the Hall of Fame point guard won six NBA championships, appeared in 13 All-Star Games, earned one MVP award (1957), and led the league in assists for eight straight seasons. Cousy's revolutionary playmaking abilities helped grow the game and build a dynasty, and SiriusXM NBA Radio host Justin Termine believes that Reddick's argument was foolish.

"I thought that Reddick's comments were disgusting -- and that's one of the reasons why I asked Cousy [on Thursday]. We had him on for 26 minutes and he was fantastic on a bunch of different subjects," Termine told The DA Show on Friday. "I'm hosting a show and talking basketball because of what Cousy did for the sport. You know, Pete Maravich dribbled that way he did because of Cousy. Isaiah Thomas dribbled the way he did because of Cousy.

"Same thing with Kyrie Irving. Okay, they might be more talented. But Cousy was the great innovator. He was known as the best of his day and he was the great showman. And he started the players' union, which is maybe something Reddick didn't know because he doesn't seem to have respect for the history of the sport. So, I liked how Cousy responded... He body-slammed Reddick."

The entire NBA conversation between Termine and DA can be accessed in the audio player above.

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