Dodd: Oregon and Washington in 'weird place' as Pac-12 faces uncertain future


The future of the Pac-12 conference is now hanging in the balance, as two of its flagship football programs, USC and UCLA, recently revealed their decision to leave the league for the Big Ten, ahead of the 2024 campaign. And the plan has already been approved -- Big Ten officials accepted the schools last week with a unanimous vote. It's also the second straight summer with monumental conference realignment, as Texas and Oklahoma intend to leave the Big 12 for the SEC in 2025. In a matter of years, the sport will have super-conferences.

With the eventual departures of USC and UCLA, the Pac-12 is left with Oregon and Washington as its top-ranked brands. Since 2014, the programs have won a combined 110 games and made appearances in the College Football Playoff. According to reports, the Big 12 -- which is also in limbo -- may look to poach as much as half of the Pac-12 teams, and this move would result in the Ducks and Huskies racking up even more airline miles. Plus, the Pac-12 and ACC are reportedly discussing the possibility of a "loose alignment."

"I was told [Oregon and Washington] don't bring the value. People are talking about the travel partner, for USC and UCLA. Well, why wouldn't you do that to begin with? The answer now is, they don't bring the value," CBS Sports writer Dennis Dodd explained to The DA Show on Thursday. "And the value to those conference teams, in the Big Ten and SEC, is $80-100 million. They just don't. Oregon has played for championships. Washington has won one. I don't know what the word is -- they're outliers in the Big 12 right now.

"I think the Big 12, if they do anything, is go geography first -- and we've had that discussion. Oregon and Washington are just in a weird place. They're not USC-UCLA, but they're not Arizona or Stanford, either. And they're just in that middle place, and geography is the separator... Superconferences are there. It's just a question of how big they want to get... And if they acquire the right schools -- like Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida State -- it's over. They can just say, 'We're going to do this, and the rest can do whatever they want.'"

The entire college football realignment conversation between Dodd and DA can be accessed in the audio player above.

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