Gelb: Nick Saban will use beef with Texas A&M as fuel to push Alabama to CFP title


Alabama head coach Nick Saban hasn't exactly needed extra motivation from his star players to capture a national title. Under his stewardship, the program has won six championships, eight SEC crowns, and earned seven CFP berths. But if the 70-year-old legend wants to enter this upcoming season with added fuel in a competitive conference, he'll embrace it. Because he's become even more of a villain to football fans across the country.

During an event this week, Saban whined about the game's implementation of NIL deals with athletes, and accused SEC opponent Texas A&M of purchasing every player in its top-ranked 2022 recruiting class. Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher addressed the accusations during a Thursday press conference, calling Saban a "narcissist" and his remarks "despicable." Although Saban apologized for his comments hours after Fisher's rebuttal, he sparked a new-blood rivalry.

"Even though it appeared to be a bad day for Nick Saban and he got dragged through mud, he's going to end up winning," Zach Gelb said during The Zach Gelb Show on Friday. "Now, the money's going to be there, where maybe all the money wasn't there, or Bama was a bit late to the party in embracing NIL. Saban, although he put his own foot in his mouth, he's going to find a way to use this as motivation to his players.

"And somehow, he's going to do that 'You're getting sleepy' hypnotist dance, and these players are going to be all-in on winning one for the football coach. That's what's going to happen. And also, you have to be cognizant of the fact they're bringing back Bryce Young... In the long haul, Saban's going to end up winning... I'll declare it right now. When the national championship is played in January 2023, Alabama's going to be in it, and they're going to win it all."

Gelb's complete thoughts on Saban and Alabama's championship hopes can be accessed in the audio player above.

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