NFL DB's are in an 'impossible situation,' says Hall of Fame safety Ken Houston


The modern defensive back must have exceptional instincts, athletic ability, and toughness to succeed against high-octane, high-scoring offenses on a weekly basis. And Hall of Fame safety Ken Houston is amazed by how much his position has evolved since retiring more than four decades ago.

"Any guy who has a job as a defensive back really has a job. Because you can be embarrassed or they can take your job on any given Sunday," Houston told The DA Show on Monday. "When I look at defensive backs, I take my hat off to all of them, because right now, they're in an impossible position... You really can't touch a guy, and it doesn't take a shove to make you not cover..."

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Houston, who recorded 49 interceptions and made 12 Pro Bowl appearances across 14 seasons with the Washington Football Team and Houston Oilers, is also frustrated with the increase in ticky-tack penalties called on defenders.

"If you can touch me, I can touch you. If we can't touch each other, let that be a rule," Houston said. "I like the rules of the game, but it's so unfair right now for the defensive backs. You can't hit them on the line of scrimmage anymore, you really can't do anything but be a great player."

The entire NFL conversation between Houston and DA can be accessed in the audio player above.

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