Mike McCarthy has 'something to prove,' says Cowboys legend Drew Pearson


Mike McCarthy is one of just eight active NFL head coaches who's celebrated a Super Bowl win, but the Dallas Cowboys' current leader isn't ranked too high amongst his champion peers. According to a recent rankings list organized by national media members and published by CBS Sports, McCarthy was named the No. 18 coach in the league -- the lowest among active head coaches with at least one ring. And his middle-tier ranking isn't at all surprising, considering how the Cowboys ended their 2021 campaign.

Dallas' title drought extended to 27 years back in January, when they suffered a home loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC wild-card round. Trailing by six with 14 seconds left and zero timeouts, Dak Prescott confoundingly ran up the middle of the field for 17 yards, and dramatically failed to kill the clock with a spike before time expired. McCarthy defended the play call, telling reporters that the QB-draw was the right move, based on preparation for that scenario. McCarthy's entering his third season with the franchise, and his seat is warm.

"I think Coach McCarthy's got something to prove," Cowboys legend and Hall of Fame receiver Drew Pearson explained to The Zach Gelb Show on Monday. "And some of his comments -- coming out of the playoff game -- talking about some of the players and the way that he looked at him, and they didn't appear to be ready to go into the playoff game. Making comments like that and pretty much admitting you failed in an effort to get players ready. And there shouldn't have been any question about it. That shouldn't have even been a topic...

"Going into this season, he has something to prove -- and it's not just getting the players ready, but also making the right decisions on the sideline. And in situations that are key... Sometimes, you've got to take over as a head coach and tell the playcaller what to call, because he should also have a feel for the game... McCarthy's on the hot seat, as far as the Cowboys and Mr. Jones are concerned. Mr. Jones isn't getting any younger and he wants to win now. And if McCarthy's not the man to do that, they'll have to make some decisions."

The entire football conversation between Pearson and Gelb can be accessed in the audio player above.

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