Tiki Barber rips Bears' Matt Nagy for pathetic gameplan with Justin Fields


Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy bought himself some time when the franchise traded up to draft rookie quarterback Justin Fields this past spring. How much time did he buy? Perhaps not much, considering how historically poor his offense performed on Sunday.

Fields' first NFL start was a nightmare -- memorable for all the wrong reasons. Not only did the Bears lose, 26-6, on the road to the Cleveland Browns, but they also produced just 47 yards of offense. They netted one passing yard. They allowed nine sacks. They averaged 1.1 yards per play, the second-fewest by any team in a game this century. In three words: stink, stank, stunk.

"When a quarterback isn't ready, as a head coach and play-caller, you have to make it easy for him. And Matt Nagy did everything but make it easy for him," Tiki Barber said during Monday's edition of the Tiki and Tierney show. "I think Nagy deserves the heat here because he's not ready to develop and, most importantly, protect his first-round quarterback for this year... You have to put in a gameplan that protects him, and he didn't do it...

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"It's one of two things: either incompetence on the part of your head coach, or it's, 'I'm going to show you guys Justin Fields isn't ready.' And whichever one it is, it's a fireable offense. If it was another team, that had pride in what they're doing, they would [fire Nagy today]. Because that was gross..."

Chicago's ineptitude was staggering. On offense, they converted just one of 12 third-down attempts, and six series resulted in negative yardage. From start to finish, Cleveland was relentless in its pursuit of Fields, as the 23-year-old lost a combined 67 yards on the nine sacks and took 15 hits on 29 dropbacks. He completed only six of 20 passes.

Following the ugly loss, Nagy admitted to reporters that he "didn't do a good enough job" preparing the offense for the Browns, and it's possible he soon hands play-calling duties over to offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. The task wouldn't be new for Lazor, as he was implemented as Chicago's play-caller last November.

Chicago (1-2) will host the Detroit Lions (0-3) in a Week 4 rivalry matchup on Sunday, Oct. 3. According to FiveThirtyEight projections, the Bears currently have an 18-percent chance to reach the playoffs, and a 13-percent chance to win the NFC North.

Tiki's complete thoughts on Nagy and the Bears can be accessed in the audio player above.

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