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Inside his new album 'The Bridge'

It’s been five years since Sting last released a studio album, but that’s a streak that’s gladly come to an end.

Sting joined us for an Audacy Check In as he took Audacy’s Ryan Arnold inside the making of his fifteenth studio album The Bridge.

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While the album was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sting’s approach to making the album wasn’t all that different from what he had done in the past. “I have to confess to you that working in the studio and writing in the studio is not so different even in a pandemic,” he said.

“You’re basically in the same place every day. You see very little sunlight with the same group of people. That was my lockdown, but that’s the way I’ve made records for years so in many ways I was very, very fortunate. One to be able to work, two to not contract the virus.”

“At the end of the day,” Sting continued, “I have a record that I’m proud of.”

Even though the pandemic didn’t alter the making of the album, the content of the record was impacted by it.

“What I ended up writing was affected by the pandemic. I had no interest in writing about the pandemic, but subconsciously, what I ended up with was songs about people in transition,” Sting said. “People between worlds, people between relationships, between sickness and health. All of that was done by my subconscious.”

The title of the album, The Bridge, was a deliberate choice for Sting as it represents a metaphor for the whole world. “The metaphor for the bridge is really one where all of us are looking for a bridge to the future,” he said. ”We can see ourselves in a safer place, a happier place, a place with less anxiety. I’m looking for that bridge. I think everyone on the planet is looking for it.”

Before they wrapped up their conversation, Ryan asked Sting what it was like stepping out on stage again for the first time since the pandemic began. “It’s obviously very exciting, but at the same time, I was wondering if I could still do this. I wonder if I know where to stand, will my fingers know what to play on the bass, will I remember the lyrics?” Sting said.

“Of course as soon as I walked on [stage], it was like riding a bike.”

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