'Wheel of Fortune' flub costs contestant tropical trip: 'I genuinely feel bad for this guy'

Pat Sajak and Vanna White
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A contestant's slip-up cost him an exciting prize package during a recent episode of "Wheel of Fortune."

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Contestant Chris Davidson could've won an $8,400 trip to Puerto Rico had he solved the puzzle correctly. But despite knowing the rules, he flubbed the answer and lost it all.

After one contestant spun the wheel and landed on "bankrupt," Davidson eagerly yelled out the answer "Frozen Concoction." However, he accidentally added an “A” in front of it, which any experienced Wheel Watcher knows means doom.

Davidson quickly corrected himself to leave off the "A," but the damage had been done.

“No, you know what, we can’t accept that,” Sajak sadly explained.

Davidson was visibly disappointed as he bowed down towards the wheel while the next contestant, Carol, delivered the final blow: the correct answer. She said the phrase slowly and deliberately as not to utter the dreaded disqualifying “A.”

As Yahoo Entertainment noted, Sajak didn’t just let Davidson hang there bummed out. He explained what happened, in case any viewers were still pulling their hair out at the seeming injustice.

"Chris knows what he did, which is why he went back," said Sajak. "He threw in that article. He threw in the 'A' in front of it, and we can't accept it. Just the way it goes. It's just one of the rules, and we gotta go by 'em, and Carol ends up getting the trip to Puerto Rico."

"Wheel of Fortune" Twitter fans went off on the mistake with mixed reactions: some ruefully understanding and others sharply dismissive.

One wrote, “I genuinely feel bad for this guy.” Another user took a snarkier route: “Can't be putting articles in your answers pal! @WheelofFortune. I'm going to have a 'frozen concoction' for you Chris."

Accidentally including an indefinite article that isn’t in the actual puzzle is a somewhat common occurrence on the legendary game show, and part of the sudden suspense that happens every time a contestant goes to announce their answer.

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But don’t weep too hard for Davidson just yet. He still advanced to the bonus round where he ended up winning $13,900, which can buy him an even nicer trip to Puerto Rico.

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