Best Buy joins Target and Walmart by closing on Thanksgiving — What does it mean for Black Friday?

best buy
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Best Buy this week announced they will follow suit of Walmart and Target and close up shop again on Thanksgiving Day.

As reported by Insider, all of the electronics giant’s stores will be closed for the national holiday for the second year running.

Covid-19 had something to do with last year’s decisions of course. This year, the decision may have most to do with the fact that consumers have developed new shopping habits that look like they’ll stick around. “Cyber Monday” anyone?

Best Buy fans can still search for online deals on Turkey Day, which was happening with more frequency anyway.

And for those who take some strange pleasure in the crazed rush of “Black Friday” shopping — well, they’ll still have post-Thanksgiving deals, no doubt. But in the last few years, the Black Friday phenomenon was expanding into Thanksgiving Day deals, and/or deal-starved shoppers lining up late on Thanksgiving night to beat Friday’s rush.