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The singer is back with David Guetta for 'On My Love'

Zara Larsson is continuing to build anticipation surrounding the arrival of her forthcoming, third album with the release of a new song from the project, “On My Love,” with David Guetta.

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The newly-released song is the third taste of the studio project from Larsson as it follows “Can’t Tame Her,” which released in January and “End Of Time,” which landed in May. “On My Love,” is Larsson’s second collaboration with Guetta and was a natural fit from the start for the 25-year-old, who said she fell in love with the tune before she knew Guetta had anything to do with it.

“I just heard the song first, and I thought the song was so incredible and it just so happened to be with David,” she told Audacy’s Mike Adam at the Hard Rock Hotel New York, before clarifying she would have agreed to collab with Guetta no matter what. “Honestly, if they would’ve reached out and said ‘Hey, I got a song, do you want to do it?’ I would have been like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do anything for you,’” she laughed. “It would have been a very easy yes for me because I think he makes amazing tracks, he’s a hitmaker, he’s incredible, he’s an incredible person.”

During her interview, Larsson also took some time to gush over another incredible inspiration for her when it comes to live shows... Beyoncé.

“No one is doing it like her,” Zara said, gushing over seeing Beyoncé’s current tour. “To me, she’s #1, she’s the only one.”

“It made me go back, go into my room, go on YouTube and just watch all her old performances,” she admitted. “I felt like I got work to do, but that is inspiring. It didn’t make me feel small or like, ‘Ugh I could never do that.’ It just made me think, ‘I want to do that and I’m going to work as hard as I can to do that.’”

That’s exactly what the Stockholm-native is doing as she prepares to release her third studio, which she says is still just the start of what she hopes to be a decades long career. “Will I ever stop? I don’t have any plans on it. Maybe I’ll try other things as well, but music is my passion,” she said while tapping her heart.

Hear more about Larsson’s album, plus her experiences working with Guetta and love for Beyoncé by checking out her entire conversation with Audacy’s Mike Adam above.

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