Concern grows about veterans exposed to burn pits

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Photo credit Courtesy of Greg Lovett

A growing number of military veterans are reporting medical problems they and their doctors say were caused by exposure to toxic smoke from massive trash-burning pits near military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Burned in the pits: "Everything from human waste, to all sorts of hazardous material, with JP8 on top of that," says Melissa Bryant of the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.  "Now," adds Greg Lovett, producer of Delay, Deny, Hope You Die -- a documentary film about the pits -- "it turns out that many soldiers…are sick with illnesses related to the toxins that they were exposed to."  Because military leaders continue to assert that the burn pits did not present a health risk, many affected veterans are not eligible for VA treatment of their conditions.

Hear what Melissa, Greg -- and Jessey Baca, a veteran suffering from illnesses he says began with burn pit exposure -- told Eye on Veterans about this problem:

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