The CV Report #8: New Rules of War, New Shoes for Troops & Banned from the Superbowl?

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Welcome to Connecting Vets Report #8.

Guaranteed to keep you entertained for about 20 minutes.  No S#%!

On this episode:

Phil Briggs talks with Reporter Libby Howe about who's getting new American shoes ... and we offer a few suggestions.

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Reporter Matt Saintsing explains why CBS rejected a Superbowl commercial for something over a million veterans support.

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And we hear from Army veteran and acclaimed author Sean McFate, who literally just rewrote the book on war, "The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder"

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It's a sneak peek at his upcoming in-depth interview on VetStory, where he offers the Pentagon and Congress advice stronger than a shot of Jack.

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