CBS Eye on Veterans: The SF vet who helps you start a business & the crazy coup attempt in Venezuela

SF veteran Dan Lorenz helps you start a business and Jack Murphy talks vets failed coup in Venezuela

In this episode:

Business Commando

Former Green Beret Dan Lorenz helps people start their own business

As a Green Beret Warrant Officer, Dan Lorenz led Special Forces troops in combat. 

But after getting out of the military he faced some serious career challenges.  Even armed with an MBA he felt the grind of the corporate world sucked.  Life was quickly becoming unbearable until he discovered real success through business ownership.  Now his mission is to help veterans find the path to financial freedom, generational wealth, and a life they love.

In this 3-part interview, Dan described his breaking point while working with a prestigious firm on Wall Street, and explains exactly how his company helps veterans and non-veterans alike find and build successful franchises.

Operation Bat*** Crazy

Special Forces veteran and Journalist Jack Murphy reports on veterans failed coup attempt in VZ

Special Forces veteran and reporter Jack Murphy breaks down the story of the former Army commandos turned renegade security contractors who were caught trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

Click here to read Jack Murphy's full article  


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