The CV Report #6: Dysfunctional Vet goes from Homeless Addict to Hero & SCOTUS Transgender ruling explained

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The dark humor on the "Dysfunctional Veterans" Facebook page amuses millions of vets every day. 

The page's founder, Michael Rivers, has built on the success of salty language and sarcasm and most recently created a farm that is literally saving the lives homeless, drug-addicted vets. 

Rivers knows all about being homeless- he was once a homeless drug addict himself.  "I did massive amounts of drugs, enough to put Keith Richards to shame," laughed Rivers.

He shared with Connecting Vets Reporters Kaylah Jackson and Phil Briggs the story of his self-medication, self-destruction and the experience that changed his life.

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Also on the podcast:

National Affairs Reporter Matt Saintsing explains the recent SCOTUS ruling on Transgender troops.

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and Reporter Libby Howe shares an update about how the Coast Guard is being impacted by the "Government Shutdown Sh# Show."

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