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Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is Adecco.

Adecco is the #1 workforce solution provider in the world with 450 locations across the United States. Its 70,000 employees connect individuals to new careers everyday — and one of those individuals could be you. 

"I like to credit the military for my current career as manager of executive search," said veteran Tim Falletti. Towards the end of his Army career, Falletti spent time working as a recruiter — and it made all the difference. 

"I learned a lot about what I do from those Army recruitment classes. I'm able to pass on that information whether it's painting a picture of a job or better understanding the roles for my candidates. And I really do credit all my time in the military for that."

And Adecco has a program to help veterans find a place where they can apply the skills they earned in the military.

"It's called the Adecco Military Alliance," Falletti said. "It's a program that provides career counseling, resume enhancement, interview training, online skills training. It's also important to note that Adecco has offices nationwide that specialize in different verticals like supply chain logistics, manufacturing, real estate, construction, HR — veterans that seek employment in these industries have opportunities throughout the country."

Adecco can help veterans find a job in any industry — including their own. Veterans interested in joining the Adecco team can be confident that their military skills won't go unvalued. 

"It's important for companies to have these types of programs, one, to get really really great talent. Veterans are more than qualified to do almost every single job that's out there. If you don't recruit for veterans you're missing this big piece of the puzzle. Secondly, in terms of what a veteran brings to the table, all those intangibles like leadership and teamwork and tenacity — it's super important to have that in your workforce."

To learn more about Adecco Military Alliance, visit Adecco's website.

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