Employer of the Week: 'Every time I went into harm's way, Raytheon was with me'

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Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is Raytheon.

Raytheon is a major U.S. defense contractor with a core manufacturing concentration in weapons and military and commercial electronics — but they go well beyond just making the products. 

"Every time I deployed, I was deploying with a Raytheon product — but I was also deploying with Raytheon people," said Joe DeAntona, vice president of business development for integrated air and missile defense. "Every time I went into harm's way those Raytheon engineers and field support folks were with me."

For DeAntona, interacting with Raytheon in this way throughout his 30-year Army career was very influential in where he chose to continue his career as a civilian after leaving the military. 

"As I was retiring and searching out what my second career would look like, what resonated with me and ultimately drew me to Raytheon was every time I went into combat, Raytheon was with me. It really spoke to who the company is," DeAntona said. 

Today, one in six Raytheon employees is a veteran. 

Raytheon provides transition workshops in partnership with the USO, scholarship funds, outreach programs, and employee resource groups for veterans at all stages of the transition process into the civilian workforce.

The company's veteran employee resource group, Rayvets, promotes and recognizes the veteran identity within Raytheon. They also coordinate outreach and community service projects of their own — like house-building at Iron Stone Farms, an equine therapy facility for veterans.

"Raytheon has done a superb job of creating these employee resource groups to help folks who identify with a particular group of people," DeAntona said. "Rayvets is organized to help veterans as they transition from the military to the civilian world — they know this big company, big organization, has a group of folks who kind of came from the same environment we came from and create an opportunity for us to share, teach, mentor, coach, as we bring on the newest generation of veterans into the company itself."

Find out more about Raytheon's hiring resources and opportunities on the Raytheon Veterans page.

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