Giving Kindness, Army’s new Warrior, Overcoming Addiction & Advice "Beyond the Military"

Jessica Manfre on Giving Tuesday, Army debuts What's Your Warrior, Easterseals save Marine from addiction and Shauna Springer new book Beyond the Military
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On this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans:

Jessica Manfre, Coast Guard Spouse of the Year 2019 is on a mission. Hear how she and other military spouses are working to make kindness go viral with Giving Tuesday Military edition. 

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Maria Reed (left), Jessica Manfre (middle), and Samantha Gomolka (right)
Above: Maria Reed (left), Jessica Manfre (middle), and Samantha Gomolka (right) are the military spouses and founders of Giving Tuesday Military

The Army’s new ad campaign “What’s Your Warrior?” has been released.  CBS Eye on Veterans Host, Phil Briggs, talked with Brigadier General Alex Fink and DDB Advertising’s John Carstens and learned how they are targeting Generation Z.

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US Amry Whats Your Warrior ad campaign

Frank Britton is a Marine Corps veteran that was once addicted to crack and homeless. 

We’ll hear his amazing story and Dr. Tracy Neal-Walden will explain how Easterseals programs are always there to help and support our veterans.

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Marine Veteran Frank Briton shares his Easterseals strory

Psychologist Dr. Shauna Springer has dedicated her life to helping combat veterans heal from the invisible wounds of war.

Shauna Springer

Her new book “Beyond the Military: A Leader's Handbook for Warrior Reintegration” is now helping all service members as they transition from military to civilian life

 A Leader's Handbook for Warrior Reintegration


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