Veterans made the Super Bowl thanks to Google's job search tool

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Thanks to Google and John Krasinski (yes, that was him) veterans made the prestigious Super Bowl commercial line-up. 

Google launched their MOS-based job search tool back in August.

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Simply input a military occupational specialty code and Google will find jobs with a similar skill set. Additionally, Google Maps will now display which businesses are operated by military veterans with descriptions of their backgrounds. Besides these tools, Google also provided a $2.5 million grant to the United Service Organizations (USO) meant to help the nonprofit offer IT support training to military veterans and spouses.

The response has been mixed. Dan Lamothe, military correspondent for the Washington Post thought it was a "very solid commercial." 

Others, who have test run the tool, had a less positive response.

Fred Wellman, CEO & Founder of Scoutcomms, has extensive experience placing veterans in lucrative careers. The marketing and PR agency helps Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot and GE connect with the veteran community and shows them how to hire and truly benefit the lives of veterans. Wellman pointed out some of the flaws in Google's tool and advertising strategy. 

"If your goal is to truly help veterans — not just impress the average civilian population, which is 99 percent of our country, that you're awesome — then there has to be nuance. Unforunately, a straight MOS translator to local jobs does lack a bit of nuance," Wellman explained. "I always tell people don't judge your life by that code."

The issue:  is the Google veteran job search tool just as disappointing as the Super Bowl game itself? 

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