CBS Eye on Veterans: How surfing heals and the most patriotic states

VA telehealth, Operation Surf and The Most Patriotic States in America

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Veteran News

Abbie Bennett reports on VA telehealth services during the pandemic

The VA has received billions in funding from Congress to help ensure veterans have access to doctors during the COVID-19 crisis. But what are they doing to reach veterans who don't have access to technology? Connecting Vets reporter Abbie Bennett shares what she learned from veteran service organizations and others this week.

How surfing can heal just about anything

Army veteran Caleb Brewer and pro surfer Danny Nichols talk about Operation Surf in California

Army Special Forces veteran Caleb Brewer lost both legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. His rehab included multiple surgeries, infections and more than 60 blood transfusions. But after catching his first wave with pro surfer/instructor Danny Nichols at Operation Surf in California, he began to truly heal. We'll hear his incredible story and why Nichols says "surfing heals everything."

Army veteran Caleb brewer and Pro Surfer Danny Nichols at Operation Surf in California
Above: Caleb Brewer, Danny Nichols; and Caleb Brewer starting to catch a wave during Operation Surf.

Click here for more about Caleb Brewer's story and information about Operation Surf. 


Land of the free, home of the...'s Jill Gonzalez shares results of a study of the most patriotic states in America?

Think you can guess what states ranked highest?  The answers might surprise you. We talk with Jill Gonzalez about a recent study from that analyzes states in several categories to determine who is the true red, white and blue state in America.

See the full study here


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