CBS Eye on Veterans | SoldierFit's badass founder Danny Farrar and inside the CIA

Danny Farrar the inspirational founder of SoldierFit and Chris Whipple talks about his new book "The Spy Masters: How CIA Directors shape history and the future"

In this episode: 

More than just another gym 

SoldierFit founder Danny Farrar's story is 100 percent inspiration

Simply put, you will never forget meeting Danny Farrar. 

The outspoken and entertaining Army veteran built a fitness empire that now includes over 15 “SoldierFit” gyms spanning from Maryland and Virginia to Pennsylvania and Ohio.  

Inside a SoldierFit gym

But more than just another vet pushing physical fitness, Farrar is a fighter, a preacher and an inspiration to the thousands of members who enter SoldierFit gyms.   

In our interview, we heard a success story wrapped in a journey through hell. 

He shared detailed accounts of the Pentagon on 9/11; the streets of Fallujah, Iraq; and overcoming his past with some serious personal demons. We also heard how SoldierFit's "never-quit" spirit was forged in a brutal mixed martial arts fight and has now built an amazing family. 

Need a shot of courage? SoldierFit's Danny Farrar will give it to you

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What the CIA Directors really said 

 How CIA Directors shape our history and the future

In the book, "The Spy Masters: How the CIA Directors Shape History and the Future,” author Chris Whipple interviews almost every living CIA director. Through these interviews, we learned intimate details about the most secretive department in our government.

In our interview, Whipple offers exactly what the CIA told President Donald Trump ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, what they knew before 9/11, and can the CIA really keep us safe?


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