CBS Eye on Veterans: Air Force vet is way “Beyond Average”, SGB stops PTSD & How to get that stimulus check!

USAF vet and badass athlete Robert Owens, SGB neck injection treats PTSD and coronavirus Stimulus Checks

On this episode:

How to get your coronavirus stimulus check!

How to ensure you get your coronavirus stimulus check

Capitol Hill Reporter Abbie Bennett explains why the IRS may have problems getting them to certain vets, and CPA Danny Hammond shares what people should know to ensure they receive their check.

Will a neck injection stop PTSD?

Arturo Weber and Doc Shauna Springer share SGB neck injections treat PTSD

For years, Maine Corps combat veteran Arturo Weber suffered from anxiety and anger after being wounded during his deployment to Iraq. But a recent neck injection called the Stellate Ganglion Block has totally relieved his symptoms. He shares his story along with analysis from psychologist Dr. Shauna Springer.  For more on caring for those with PTSD check out Shauna Springer's newest book, "Warrior: How to support those who protect us" 

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This Air Force PJ vet is WAY "Beyond Average"

Air Force PJ veteran Robert Ownes talk about his book
After completing events like 7 marathons in 7 days and a simulated Navy SEAL Hell week, Air Force veteran Robert Owens has been called “the mentally and physically toughest American over 65”. We talked with him about his latest book “Beyond Average, Developing yourself through the 20x principle”. He also shared his bout with the deadly coronavirus and offered things everyone can do to stay both physically and mentally strong.


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