CBS Eye on Veterans: WWII Liberator animated for Netflix, Mission Transition & VA Telehealth

Alex Kershaw discusses The Liberator, Matthew Louis talks Mission Transition and Dr Neil Evans on VA telehealth services

In this episode:

The Liberator gets animated

Alex Kershaw's WWII book The Liberator will become an animated series on Netflix

Alex Kershaw is a NY Times Best Selling author, historian and amazing storyteller.

His book “The Liberator” documents the epic story of Army officer Felix Sparks who led the men of the 45th Infantry and a Regiment known as the "Thunderbirds" through 500 days of brutal combat, eventually liberating prisoners held in the horrific Nazi concentration camp, Dachau in April 1945. 

The Liberator by ALex Kershaw documents the epic story of Army Officer Felix Sparks and the liberation of Dachau

Kershaw and host Phil Briggs discuss the recent anniversary of the liberation, how Hitler was able to brainwash a nation, reflections of nationalism in current events, and how the book is being transformed into an animated series on Netflix.

Alex Kershaw's book The Liberator documents the story of legendary Army Officer Felix Sparks.
Above: (Left) Army officer Felix Sparks fires his weapon during the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Dachau. (Right) US Army photo shows a soldier handing out cigarettes to liberated prisoners.

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Career advice from a veteran who has been there ... 

Mission Transition

Finding a job after the military is one of the biggest challenges veterans will ever face.Retired Lt. Colonel Matthew J Louis has become an expert on finding post-military success. After 20+ years in the corporate world, he shares advice from his book “Mission Transition, Navigating Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post Military Career”

VA Telehealth appointments: A virtual stethoscope?

We talk VA telehealth appointments with Dr. Neil Evans

We talked with Dr. Neil Evans, Chief Officer for VA’s Office of Connected Care about what they can do over the phone, a virtual stethoscope, and why telehealth appointments are really one of the best advances in healthcare.


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