Even without a live audience, National Memorial Day Concert will honor the fallen

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Country music superstar Trace Adkins didn't let COVID-19 restrictions stop him from performing for what he calls the highlight of his year, the National Memorial Day Concert.

It normally draws hundreds of thousands to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, but COVID-19 restrictions caused the cancellation of the live concert. Instead, artists like Adkins recorded performances.

“I stood on top of the building with the Capitol Dome in the background and did my performance,” he told CBS Eye On Veterans host Phil Briggs. “There was literally nobody there ... I mean even the drive from Dulles Airport into town was apocalyptic, there was nobody on the road."

And even though the concert won’t be live this year, Adkins said its message will be heard.

“It will accomplish what it does every year, which is to remind people that there are folks who have sacrificed and paid the price for us to enjoy the freedoms we have,” he said.

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Adkins is a long-time supporter of the military and has often performed on USO tours for troops serving overseas.

“I’ve been afforded the opportunity to do things that civilians just don't get to do” he said. “I've landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier ... got to fire a Karl Gustav (mortar) ... it's just been some of the coolest things I've ever done with my career. Working with the military and vets is just humbling. People always ask me why I do so much work with veteran organizations and my answer is very simple, if you have an opportunity to associate with heroes, you should do that.”

PBS' National Memorial Day Concert: "America's Night of Remembrance" will air nationwide on Sunday May 24, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. EST.

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