Tricare Select members must now pay a fee to stay enrolled

Photo credit Getty: SARINYAPINNGAM

Tricare provides health care services to over 3.2 million military retirees and their family members, and now some are going to have to pony up more money to remain enrolled in Tricare Select.

These new changes go into effect in January of 2021. They will not apply to active duty service members or those who are already enrolled in Tricare Prime.

Retired service members in "Group A" will have to pay this new fee. Group A includes service members whose service began prior to January of 2018. Other exceptions include the family members of active-duty soldiers, those who were medically retired, and surviving family members of a retiree who has passed away.

Those who are in Group A and don't meet the exception criteria will have to pay $150 a year for an individual plan in Tricare Select or $300 a year for a family plan.

Previously, Tricare Select members did not have to pay a fee. Those who will now have to pay the yearly fee should head over to the Tricare webpage for further information.

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