Volunteers wanted for VA COVID-19 treatment clinical trials

COVID trials
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The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a nationwide effort to recruit volunteers to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials at select VA facilities across the country. 

More than 50 VA medical centers are participating in trials to test vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

“Volunteering for our trials is a way people can help our country more quickly find vaccines and treatments to end the pandemic and get life back to normal,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie in a release.

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Vaccines being studied by VA include candidates developed by Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Janssen. VA’s trials for COVID-19 treatments include Remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, Tocilizumab and others.

Moderna recently announced an efficacy rate of 94% for its vaccine and Pfizer earlier said its vaccine is 90% effective in preventing the virus.

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VA’s volunteer list is open to both veterans and non-veterans who are18 years old or older. Volunteers go through an informed-consent process that ensures they understand the risks and benefits to joining a study before they decide to participate.

Sign up for the VA’s volunteer list here.

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