VA has a new patient advocacy tracking system

Photo credit Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a new tool that allows its health care teams to collaboratively address and resolve issues.

The Patient Advocate Tracking System-Replacement (PATS-R) is a web-based tool that reinforces the culture that patient advocacy is the responsibility of every employee, VA said in a release. 

“PATS-R has really modernized the way patient advocates complete their work,” said Katie Braun, a Veteran Experience Coordinator at the Pittsburgh VAMC. “The system has also encouraged advocacy at all levels, and within services lines.” 

At 90 percent, veteran trust in VA health care at record high Following several years of research and development, PATS-R is now being used by 24,000 patient advocates and service line professionals at 151 VA Medical Centers and community-based outpatient clinics across the country.

PATS-R empowers employees to actively engage with veterans at the point of service, helping to build a relationship of trust.  It also supports their patient experience with a technological solution for complaint resolution and service recovery, the release states. 

PATS-R also taps into VA-wide patient experience feedback, meaning that a veteran’s complete interaction history with VHA follows them wherever they are.

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"Employees at any facility can access previous veteran interactions with VA, reducing wasted time and, in some cases,” the release reads. “Veteran frustration from having to repeat the same information if they visit different facilities.”  

The system also integrates with the White House VA Hotline and Community Care to better track veteran compliments and complaints. PATS-R also provides national real-time reporting. 

“The PATS-R team has worked tirelessly to accomplish an immense task,” said Stan Moran, the VEO Business Lead for PATS-R. “The proof lies with the end-users’ overall happiness with PATS-R.” 

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