AI is helping the VBA speed up claims processes

Photo credit Department of Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Benefits Administration has cut the time it takes to process in-coming mail from 10 days to a single day.

According to a release, the improvement comes thanks to an artificial intelligence solution that the VBA is now using. 

“Moving past manual mail processes to automation puts the emphasis on veterans,” said Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie in a release. “This new capability allows VA to process veterans’ claims quickly and efficiently.” 

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The software reads the mail document contents and automatically routes it to VA employees working on the next step of the claims process, according to the release. That means faster processing of the information veterans send to VBA in support of their claims.

On average VBA receives more than 550,000 pieces of mail per month related to benefits and services. The mail often serves as the starting point in the claims process. 

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