Help the Homeless, Share Your Vet Story & VetsGrow medical marijuana on YouTube

National Alliance to End Homeless Veterans History Project and VetsGrow marijuana documentary
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In this episode:

Are there really fewer homeless military veterans in 2019? Nan Roman, National Alliance to End Homelessness President, explains the recent survey numbers. And we hear about a unique program for people to turn their rental properties into opportunities for veterans. You can find out more ways to help here

What is the VA’s new Whole Health program really about? Dr. Brian Kligler explains, how they are changing the fundamental ways they care for veterans. And can veterans really discuss medical marijuana with their care provider? The answer surprised us ... for more on this VA program click here

Matt Grimshaw aka "The DocuMattarian" produced the YouTube documentary "VetsGrow". And what started out as a simple how-to video on growing marijuana, turned into a life dedicated to fighting for veteran rights, being pissed off at how the US government views marijuana laws and helping them grow the medicine they can't get from the VA.

The Library of Congress (LOC) wants your veteran story! Ret. Army Colonel, Karen Lloyd, describes how the Veterans History Project has an entire kit available to help you interview the veteran in your life.  The holidays are the perfect time to capture their incredible stories with your phone or tablet.  And once you submit them, the LOC will preserve their story forever in archives that are frequently looked at by educators, authors, and filmmakers. 

For the interview and submission instructions check out The Veterans History Project 

Record your veteran story for the Library of Congress Veterans History project


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