CBS Eye on Veterans | Saved by WWP brotherhood, hot jobs for vets plus ghost stories

Bill Thomas shares how Wounded Warrior Project saved his life, has jobs for vets and  Army vet Glen Phillips' ghost stories
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On this episode:

Army veteran's haunted house 

Army veteran Glen Phillips bought a century old house, but it had other residents

Army veteran Glen Phillips retired years ago in a small town in southern Virginia. He and his wife lived in a small home built in the 1920s. But after a few years, Glen realized they were not alone. We talked about his experience with the supernatural.


Help Wanted: Good news for veterans has job listings and career training for veterans

Jeff Finefrock and veteran Dr. Rob Riegle share how currently has a website full of employers looking to hire veterans.

“During COVID, we definitely saw an impact on hiring and that frankly only motivated us to find ways to address the reality of the situation while continuing to work to connect veterans and hiring companies,” said Military Hire Chief Financial Officer Jeff Finefrock. “We worked to provide added value by extending veteran member benefits to military spouses and family members while developing partnerships that bring value to the corporate partners of our company.”

To see the current job listings, check out


How brotherhood saved this Warrior and New Jersey cop  

Bill Thomas helps his fellow veterans through Wounded Warrior Project

In this two-part interview, he shares stories from life on the Newark Police Department, a day he'll never forget in Iraq, and how he saw the inside of a body bag after nearly ending his own life.

But determined to beat the demons of PTSD, he revealed how the brotherhood he discovered at Wounded Warrior Project truly saved his life.   

Bill Thomas served this country as a New Jersey cop and in United States Air Force


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