Former Green Beret hired as Indianapolis Colts director of team development

The Colts
Photo credit Bryan M. Bennett / Stringer

The Indianapolis Colts have announced former Special Forces officer Brian Decker has been moved up to serve as the NFL team's director of team development.

After retiring from the Army as a Lt. Col. following a 22-year career serving the country, Decker went on to work as a consultant for professional sports teams, helping them assess and select new talent. His last job in the military was running the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) program.

SFAS is a grueling one-month-long program that potential Special Forces candidates must attend prior to even beginning the Special Forces Qualification Course. SFAS includes individual and team events that push candidates to their mental and physical limits.

At the end of the course, the instructors must also select the candidates they want. It is possible to complete the month-long course and still not be selected.

Decker, "enters his fifth season with the team and previously served as the director of player development from 2018-19," a Colts' press release reads. Decker is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and attained a master's degree through the Naval Postgraduate School.

Decker got his start in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns before joining Indianapolis in 2017 as a player personnel strategist.

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