Vietnam veteran dies searching for power for his oxygen machine during Texas blackouts

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Andy Anderson served in Vietnam where he came in contact with Agent Orange, which afflicted him with a condition called obstructive pulmonary disease requiring him to have an oxygen machine to breathe.

When a winter storm suddenly left millions of Texans without electricity, Anderson's machine ceased to work, according to WCTV.

“We just thought the power would get back on. We didn’t know the power would be out for days like it was,” Anderson's wife Toni told WCTV.

Struggling to breath, her husband went out to his truck to attempt to use a different device.

The next time Toni saw her husband, "He was already cold. It looked like he had tried to start getting out of the truck, he was laying over the console and one leg out of the truck," she said.

Her husband had died from hypothermia while attempting to find a working oxygen machine.

As of Monday, thousands of Texans still have power outages.

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