VA, VSOs team up to expedite claims process

The VA and national veterans services organizationsg have teamed up on a pilot program to speed up the claims review process. Photo credit Department of Veterans Affairs

Through a collaborative effort with veterans services organizations and others, the Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a pilot program for accredited representatives to request an expeditious review and determination of disability claims decisions.

The Claim Accuracy Request or CAR pilot program replaces a previous 48-hour review process and allows an expedited higher-level review for obvious errors in fact or law.

“This program provides VA accredited agents, attorneys, and VSO representatives the opportunity to quickly address an obvious error that impacts payment and provides VA the opportunity to take corrective action,” VA spokesperson Gina Jackson told Connecting Vets.

CARs will be adjudicated in approximately 30 calendar days as opposed to the higher-level review process which averages 125 calendar days, Jackson added.

“During the pilot program, a claim accuracy request may only be submitted by an accredited Veterans Service Organization, agent, or attorney,” she said.

The CAR must be submitted on this VA form, with the phrase “Claim Accuracy Request” or “CAR” prominently noted in the top margin of the third page of the application and the error(s) at issue clearly identified, added Jackson.

The VA form can be uploaded or sent via the mail to VA’s Evidence Intake Center.

VA partnered with the following national VSOs -- Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars. Wounded Warrior Project, American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and Military Officers Association -- in the pilot program.

The pilot continues through August.

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