Marines trudge through flood to help stranded motorist

Photo credit Getty: mariusz_prusaczyk

Earlier this month, a squad sized element of Marines in full dress uniform trudged through flood waters to help a stranded motorist. The moment, captured on video was uploaded to social media by the driver. It was another one of those viral moments, but a positive one in this case.

Some of the Marines involved were later interviewed, explaining that they were on their way from a funeral detail at Arlington when they saw a car stuck in the floodwater, which was about knee height. The Marines pushed the vehicle out of the water and up under a nearby overpass as police arrived on the scene.

"Oh my god, it is like the most American thing ever," the driver is heard saying on the video as the Marines pushed her to safety.

"We looked at it as a small task, we didn't see it as a major thing," one of the Marines told Fox 5 news.

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