Griffin Shock exercise kicks off in Poland, shows how NATO can flood Eastern Europe in response to Russia

NATO exercise
Photo credit Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Foster

The US Army's V Corps is currently participating in the NATO training exercise dubbed "Griffen Shock" in Poland. Running through mid-May, the exercise is designed to test the Army's ability to rapidly flood forces into Poland in response to Russian aggression.

During Griffin Shock, an American battalion stationed in Poland will be plussed up to a Brigade sized element and begin conducting maneuvers. American, Polish, Romanian, and British forces will all participate in the exercise, totaling some 3,000 personnel.

American units participating include the 4th Infantry Division, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, the 16th Sustainment Brigade, the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, and the 1-14th Field Artillery Battalion according to an Army press release.

Lt. Gen. Jürgen-Joachim Von Sandrart, who oversees NATO Multinational Corps-Northeast said, "Griffin Shock involves full range of military capabilities. It provides opportunities to conduct effective, realistic, live training; test and validate current and future capabilities and refine tactics, techniques and procedures."

"Through such exercises, allies demonstrate that we are a highly capable, flexible and interoperable formation that can deter and, where necessary, confront and defend potential aggressors," he explained.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Foster