VA announces state partnerships to provide voter registration assistance to veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with three states to provide voter registration assistance to veterans. Photo credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with the states of Michigan, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to create a program that provides voter registration information, materials, and — if requested — assistance to veterans, eligible dependents, and caregivers at select VA facilities across the country.

The partnership aims to make it easier for veterans to exercise their fundamental right to vote, Deputy VA Secretary Donald Remy said in a statement.

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“Keeping our nation’s sacred obligation to veterans includes making sure they can fully participate in our democratic process by voting,” he said. “Veterans have sacrificed greatly to protect the freedoms that define us all as Americans, and it is our solemn duty to make sure they are able to enjoy those freedoms here at home.”

VA has been working closely with election authorities in these three states to determine how the department can fulfill voter registration requirements set forth by state law and consistent with the spirit and mandates of the National Voter Registration Act to ensure veterans and eligible dependents and caregivers receive accurate and timely information regarding voter registration, the statement continues.

The partnerships are executed as part of Executive Order 14019, a whole of government effort to make voting more accessible to all Americans.

To learn more about VA’s efforts to provide voter registration assistance to veterans, visit here.

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