A Dallas Bar Has Been Transformed Into A Game Of Thrones Themed Bar

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Photo credit Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA

The premiere of the final season for Game Of Thrones is fast approaching, and just about everyone is waiting as patiently as they can for the first episode to air. 

Now a Dallas bar is making the wait not feel as long. The Ill Minster Pub in Uptown at 2600 Cedar Springs Road, has transformed their whole interior to make you feel like you’re in Westeros. The inside is now Game Of Thrones themed. 

According to the Co-owner Chris Beardon, they wanted to honor the show and give the final season the proper send off. "We are doing this because we genuinely love the show and want to honor the season finale, We'll be throwing watch parties and doing fun weekly promotions, costume contests, and events."

This might be the best place to watch the final episodes if you're looking to get out and meet like-minded GoT fans. 

Throughout the bar, you’ll see banners of all the different houses hung up on the walls, on the fireplace are busts of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen, and an entire corner of skulls. 

What’s a GoT themed bar without an Iron Throne? Right in the middle, you’ll find the perfect spot to snap a picture and watch the show from the Iron Throne. How could you not feel like you’re in the show with all of this around you? 

To top it off the Ill Minster Pub has a full cocktail menu inspired by the show. You can order the King of the North, with vodka, strawberry, lemon, and champagne or The Red Woman, with bourbon, ginger liqueur, and Compari while you're watching the show. 

No word as to how long the Ill Minister Pub will be keeping their Game Of Thrones theme. You might want to go check it out before its gone. 

Via: Dallas Culture Map