Sammy Hagar still has harsh words for David Lee Roth: 'He doesn't sing well anymore'

Roth is 'just all about being a celebrity... having something that gets attention. It's a whole different style,' according to Hagar
Sammy Hagar
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The rivalry between Van Halen singers Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth is the stuff of Rock legend; anytime one speaks the others' name fans' ears always perk up -- and now there is more fuel being dumped onto the fire.

When "Red Rocker" Hagar was pressed recently about whether it's all musical theater, or if he has a genuine distaste for DLR, Sammy held nothing back.

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Speaking with Washington Post National Arts reporter Geoff Edgers, Hagar explained that although he had in the past and still does "respect" Roth for his tenure in Van Halen, he feels he "doesn't sing well anymore," adding, "on the early Van Halen records, he was great, he sounded great, I loved the way he sang his attitude and his persona."

"We're different kinds of people, we're totally different. I've been married since I was young, I've got children, I've got grandchildren, I'm a real family kind of guy," Sammy said of the differences between himself and Roth. "I take what I do seriously, and when I go on stage, I'm in condition, I try to do that every time. It's just a different work ethic, it's a different thing."

"I'm not trying to be a celebrity and trying to be a big star," Hagar continued. "I'm about being a good enough artist that they accept me in the celebrity world. That's the way I approach my whole thing, and he does it all differently."

In Sammy's view, Roth is "just all about being a celebrity, it's all about, you know, having something that gets attention. It's a whole different style, and I don't really respect the way he does it. But, I respect what he did in Van Halen, so don't ever get me wrong. He was great for that band, and he's got a cool voice."

Sammy also had an interesting response regarding the "Kitchen Sink" tour that EVH's son Wolfie came up with, saying he had a plan to make it all go off without a hitch: "Number 1, I had my own airplane, so I wouldn't have to get in any close quarters with that guy," Hagar said. "Number 2, we'd be playing in stadiums, and you know how there are two football teams? So I'd be on the Raiders' side, and he would be over on whoever's side..." Watch the full interview above.

Roth is likely sharpening up his flaming samurai missile swords of retaliation, preparing a responding salvo as we type this... or not. Van Halen is no more after the passing of Eddie Van Halen in late-2020, so Roth could just let this slide. HOWEVER...

This isn't even the first time in 2021 that Sammy has let his thoughts be known about his longtime vocal rival. Saying "he hasn't aged well," in June, Sammy added regarding Roth, "You talk about cringing. I can't imagine how he feels when he looks at some of them old videos, the way he was dancing and moving, and the way he was singing live sometimes. I don't know how he feels about all that, but I don't think he cares."

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