New children's TV show stars character with the world's longest wiener that steals ice cream and flies in the air


A new children's show is raising eyebrows for its starring character's long penis that does weird things. 

According to the Daily Mail, the show John Dillermand, which translates to "penis man," is now on television in Denmark featuring a character whose penis flies like a helicopter, lights up barbeques, floats through the air with balloons, and steals ice cream from children. As explained in the show's theme song, there's "almost nothing he can't do with it." 

The show is, unsurprisingly, receiving mixed reviews. Some are saying that it's given children the opportunity to ask questions about their bodies, while others say that the message of a man who cannot control what his penis does is absolutely not a message children should see or hear. 

Watch a video of the show below, and read more from the Daily Mail here